After All These Years


Time has a habit of taking its revenges... and having the last laugh.

Two men, two women. And a few closely guarded secrets.

Relationships can be a delicate balance of hope, desire, memory, regret and much more besides.

It's never too late for change, though - or is it?

Close Quarter Productions and Theatre Reviva! in association with Holofcener Ltd, present

three linked short plays, Weatherman, Still Dancers and An Occasional Cup of Tea,

each approximately 30 minutes long, which can be seen in pairs or all together,

as one complete play, After All These Years.

"This premiere… is in a defining league of its own. A superb play, it should be as one director

present said, in the West End. And these actors would look even more in place.

To say it’s some of the very finest acting I’ve ever seen at the Fringe doesn’t do it justice. "

Fringe Review

“Delightful vignettes of reminiscences and regrets, forgetfulness and the future…”

Broadway Baby


Comedy drama without a single mention of Covid, and that's a promise.


Cast: Nicholas Day, Hilary Townley, Catharine Humphrys and Graham Pountney









Rialto Theatre, Brighton: Mon 7 June - Thurs 10 June at 6.30pm 

Apollo Theatre, Newport, IoW: Fri 23 July - Sat 24 July at 7.30pm 

Ventnor Fringe Festival, IoW: Mon 26 July - Thurs 29 July at 4.00pm 

Hilary Townley took over the role of Marianne from Judy Clifton

AATY show image.jpg