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After All These Years


A comedy about the passing of time... and memory... and love... and last chances

Relationships can be a delicate balance of hope, desire, memory, regret and much more besides.  But what secrets are hidden waiting for their cue to change things for ever?


A new production is scheduled for the Brighton Fringe 2023 at the Lantern Theatre

Press comments from the 2021 production

"This premiere… is in a defining league of its own. A superb play, it should be as one director

present said, in the West End. And these actors would look even more in place.

To say it’s some of the very finest acting I’ve ever seen at the Fringe doesn’t do it justice. "

Fringe Review

“Delightful vignettes of reminiscences and regrets, forgetfulness and the future…”

Broadway Baby


Casting to be announced




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